MapSplit Format OSM Extracts

MapSplit Format OSM Extracts


This directory contains daily updated extracts of OSM in the MapSplit tiled binary format. The files are generated with a maximum zoom level of 15.

The files are currently mainly of use together with Vespucci.

Using The Data

You are granted permission to use OpenStreetMap data by the OpenStreetMap License, which also describes your obligations.

NameLast modifiedSize

vietnam.msf2020-07-12 05:44 355M
turkmenistan.msf2020-07-12 05:41 64M
switzerland.msf2020-07-12 05:08 935M
iraq.msf2020-07-12 05:40 160M
iran.msf2020-07-12 05:46 552M
in/2020-07-12 05:21 -
hong kong.msf2020-07-12 05:45 46M
de/2020-07-12 05:39 -
austria.msf2020-07-12 05:27 2.0G

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